India and Mongolia: Heart-to-Heart

Democracy, Development, Business and Buddhism. These are multiple strands of the blossoming relations between India and Mongolia, the land of legendary warriors and the repository of fabulous mineral wealth. What sets the India-Mongolia relations apart is a deeply felt cultural and spiritual bonding. These connections of the heart and spirit will be highlighted in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s historic visit to Mongolia on May 17, the first-ever prime ministerial visit from India to this Central Asian country.

The prime ministerial visit, part of India’s Connect Central Asia policy, promises to be transformational. The centuries-old Buddhism bonding between India and Mongolia is poised to morph into a vibrant contemporary relationship, with major focus on scaling up economic ties and development partnership.

Ahead of his trip to the strategically located country, Mr Modi has struck the right notes, saying Mongolia is India’s spiritual friend and has invoked 2700 years of Buddhist connections between the two countries.