India’s G20 Legacy: Shaping a New World Order

Editor: Manish Chand

Pages: 206

Publisher: Pentagon Press LLP

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Pathbreaking, Historic, Transformational – the list of adjectives describing India’s G20 presidency is a long one. India’s G20 Legacy: Shaping a New World Order includes original perspectives and insights by practitioners, diplomats, and strategic experts that illuminate the multi-faceted legacy of India’s G20 presidency.

Edited by Manish Chand, a leading foreign policy expert and author, India’s G20 Legacy: Shaping a New World Order is an invaluable reference for policy-makers, practitioners, scholars, students, and strategic experts. The book brings out vividly how visionary leadership and a pragmatic approach can rally the world around a transformational global agenda, paving the way for a new world order.

With the baton passing on to Brazil in 2023-2024 and South Africa in 2024-2025, the book dives deep into ideas and themes that animate the legacy of India’s G20 presidency and the lessons it holds for the successive presidencies of the Global South and the future evolution of this global grouping. Incisive essays and commentaries by the key figures who steered India’s G20 presidency provide an insider’s view on behind-the-scenes developments that culminated in the success of the New Delhi summit in September 2023.


Dr G.N.M. Pandor

Amitabh Kant

Harsh Vardhan Shringla

H.E. Vincenzo de Luca

H.E Kenneth Felix Haczynski da Nobrega Sujan R. Chinoy

Vijay Nambiar

Muktesh Pardeshi

Arvind Gupta

Anil Sooklal

Lakshmi Puri

Dr Mohan Kumar

Pradeep S. Mehta

Mukesh Aghi

Anil Wadhwa

Elizabeth Sidiropoulos

Rajiv Bhatia

Gurjit Singh

Nagesh Kumar

Vibha Dhawan

Manish Chand

Anna-Katharina Hornidge

Nitya Mohan Khemka

Pamla Gopaul

Abhay K.

D. B. Venkatesh Varma

Advance Praise for India’s G20 Legacy

India’s G20 Legacy: Shaping a New World Order is an eloquent examination of the scale and scope of the diplomatic achievements and material outcomes of India’s G20 Presidency of 2023. The depth and deftness of the consensus-building and cooperation that India was able to mobilise in an uncertain world is the common strand that runs across this book’s engaging and scholarly chapters written by contributors of the highest calibre. Together, they unequivocally make the case that G20 2023 heralded the emergence of a rising power which seeks to unify a fissiparous world.

Hardeep Singh Puri, India’s Minister of Petroleum and Natural Gas, Minister of Urban Development and a former diplomat
In a world mired in conflict, India’s G20 presidency was a beacon of hope and harmony. This book vividly encapsulates India’s success in forging consensus and prioritising the global developmental agenda.

– Amb. Sujan Chinoy, DG MP-IDSA and Think20 Chair for India’s G20 Presidency

From the unexpected outcomes of policy shifts to the hidden gems of cultural diplomacy, Manish Chand’s curated collection unveils the nuanced story of India’s leadership and its lasting influence on the evolution of multilateralism.

Harsh Vardhan Shringla, former Chief Coordinator, India’s G20 Presidency and ex-Foreign Secretary

From fostering inclusive growth to tackling pressing global challenges, this edited volume provides a comprehensive examination of India’s G20 presidency and its transformational impact. A must-read for scholars, policymakers, and anyone interested in the dynamics of global governance in the 21st century.

Vikas Swarup, former Secretary, MEA, India; author, Slumdog Millionaire

I have long admired Manish Chand’s passion and dedication to global affairs and this volume reflects that. This book comes at an opportune moment when many around the world are keen to understand in depth India’s priorities and worldview.

Dr. Aparna Pande, Research Fellow and Director, India Initiative, Hudson Institute