UN envoy pitches to take India’s solutions to the world stage

By Deepakshi Bhardwaj and Juhi Sharma

Underlining India’s growing stature on the global stage, UN Resident Coordinator Shombi Sharp has advocated taking India’s solutions to the world. Speaking to a gathering of students  at the Lady Shri Ram College’s Model UN conference in New Delhi, Mr Sharp highlighted  the truly reciprocal nature of the India-UN partnership. He started his address by greeting in Hindi and a palpable sense of excitement filled the room as the students settled in for an engaging lecture.

Mr Sharp highlighted India’s pivotal role in global problem-solving, positioning the country as a beacon of hope and leadership on the world stage. His message elucidated a two-way partnership between India and the UN, wherein the UN is committed to bringing global best practices and solutions on issues such as climate change and poverty alleviation to India, while simultaneously wanting to leverage India’s expertise and ideas for the global community.

“India is providing solutions at a time when we need solutions like never before. This is India,” he said on April 5.

Mr Sharp further expounded that at the heart of this partnership lies India’s youth, whom he hailed as catalysts for change and innovation. Enthusiasm bubbled up among the crowd as he lauded Indian youth for their proactive approach to problem-solving.

“It is about young people like you working with those who have a few grey hairs, jo dil se young hai (those who are young at heart),” said Sharp, pointing to himself. The atmosphere crackled with energy as the crowd delivered a thunderous applause.

Citing India’s leadership in initiatives like the International Solar Alliance and renewable energy, he encouraged Indian youth to think, act, and impact globally. He also commended India for establishing digital infrastructure as a public good, essential for everyday modern life and emphasized the world’s keen interest in India’s advancements.

Mr Sharp extolled the recent G20 presidency as a testament to India’s leadership in multilateralism. India played an instrumental role in fostering consensus among nations, particularly amidst ongoing conflicts in Eastern Europe and the Middle East. India’s commitment to women’s empowerment and leadership is a driving force for inclusive development and multilateral cooperation. “In the face of incredible demographic dividend and gender dividend potential, we see India investing in multilateralism,” he said.

In closing, he reiterated the UN’s dedication to amplifying India’s voice and contributions on the global stage. He affirmed that by fostering solidarity with the Global South and championing initiatives for a fairer and more effective multilateral system, India continues to set an inspiring example for the world. India’s pivotal role in international forums such as the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), where India is spearheading reform efforts and India’s significant contribution to UN peacekeeping forces underscores the country’s commitment to global peace and security.

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