Think20: Oneness mantra acquires LiFE in Bhopal, CM Chouhan invokes Indian values


The anthem of G20 presidency pivoted around “One World, One Family, One Future” acquired more flesh and resonance in the green city Bhopal, with a special Think20 conference putting the oneness of all humanity, inclusivity and harmony of man with nature at the heart of G20 agenda.

The two-day special Think20 conference, held as part of the T20 process, culminated in the Bhopal Declaration which exhorted the G20 to work collaboratively for shaping a green and resilient world and enhancing investment in children’s future and women-led development.

On Day 1, Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan set the tone for the conclave by amplifying on the idea of harmony with nature and self and the importance of values in multilateral forums such as G20.  Invoking Advaita Vedanta, Mr Chouhan said: “Today, love is needed, not struggle. The whole world needs to unite. Let us adopt those who are weaker than us. Let there be no blind competition.” “It is unfortunate that only a few people utilise most of world’s resources, this earth belongs to all of us. The whole world is one family. The sessions of Think 20 under G-20 in Bhopal will play a critical role,” he said.

In an impassioned speech connecting India’s G20 presidency with the country’s core civilisational values, Mr Chouhan said:
“India’s tradition speaks of world peace and welfare.” Over 300 delegates and experts, including 94 foreign guests from 22 countries participated in the meeting.

Sachin Chaturvedi, DG, RIS, the organiser of the conclave highlighted the need for inclusive development and spoke about infusing ethics in global financing. Inclusive development model can bridge the North-South divide so that global issues can be addressed collectively, he said.

Professor Dennis J. Snover, president of Global Solutions Initiative Germany, also underlined the importance of values in G20 diplomacy. “India has the power to infuse new energy into the world based on established high values,” he said. “NITI Aayog has cooperated in organising this ideological session in MP to convey the message of Ekatma (unity), public participation, compassion, harmony, Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam and environment-friendly lifestyle. PM Modi is popularising the idea of Oneneess,” said NITI Aayog vice-chairman Suman Berry.


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