Ahead of Xi meeting, Modi focuses on strategic long view of India-China ties



A day ahead of his historic informal summit meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has underlined that the two leaders will review the developments in India-China relations from ‘a strategic and long term perspective.”
“President Xi and I will exchange views on a range of issues of bilateral and global importance. We will discuss our respective visions and priorities for national development, particularly in the context of current and future international situation,” he said in a statement issued ahead of his departure to China on April 26.
“We will also review the developments in the India-China relations from a strategic and long-term perspective”, Mr Modi stressed.
In the first-ever informal summit meeting between the leaders of India and China, Mr. Modi and Mr Xi will spend several hours together over the next two days in the picturesque lakeside setting in the central Chinese city of Wuhan.

The two leaders are expected to take a big- picture view of an entire spectrum of cooperation that will impinge on the future trajectory of crucial bilateral partnership in the context of the shifting international landscape. The overarching focus will be on forging a strategic and long-term partnership, with a view to resolving outstanding issues that bedevil relation between the two Asian giants.
This is the first time the leaders of India and China will engage in a free-floating conversation without any structured agenda or talking points. The ‘heart to heart’ conversation between Mr Modi and Xi is expected to create a lasting rapprochement between India and China and could transform the narrative of their relations from hostile enemies to long-term partners in shaping an Asian century.