A new dawn in Ayodhya: New Horizons

By Yogi Adityanath  

 “Jaasu birhan sochahu dinn raati, rat-hu nirantar gun gann paanti; Raghukul tilak sujan sukhdata, aayau kusal dev muni trata.”

The long-awaited day has finally arrived, marking the end of centuries of anticipation, generations of struggle, and the fulfilment of the vow made by our ancestors. Tomorrow, the soul of Sanatan culture, ‘Raghunandan Raghav Ram Lalla’, is set to be enshrined in a grand and divine temple in his birthplace, Awadhpuri. This historic and sacred occasion, after a gap of 500 years, has overwhelmed not just India but the entire world, with all eyes fixed on the ‘mokshadayani’ Ayodhya. Tomorrow, every road will lead to Shri Ram Janmabhoomi. Every eye will be wet with tears of joy and satisfaction. And, everyone will be chanting ‘Ram-Ram’.

Generations of believers and Ram-devotees have left the world, waiting for this day. The significance of January 22, 2024 goes beyond the consecration of the ‘bal-roop vigraha’ of Ram Lalla; it signifies the re-establishment of public faith and trust. Ayodhya is now being restored to its former glory. The joint victory of justice and truth is erasing bitter memories and creating new stories, fostering harmony in society.

Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Mukti Mahayagya’ was not merely a test of Sanatan belief; it successfully awakened the collective consciousness of the nation, uniting India in the thread of unity. The unique unity displayed in the fight for the construction of a temple at the birthplace of Lord Ram is unparalleled. Saints, ascetics, intellectuals, politicians, and people from all walks of life rose above differences, uniting for a common cause. Socio-cultural organisations like Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh and Vishwa Hindu Parishad set the roadmap and united the masses. The resolution was finally fulfilled, and a new dawn is breaking in India.

Ayodhya, once called the ‘Amravati of Avani’ and the ‘Vaikuntha of the Earth’, remained cursed for centuries. In a land where ‘Ram Rajya’ was an ideal concept, Lord Ram had to prove his existence, and evidence was sought for his birthplace. But Shri Ram’s life teaches us to behave decently, and exercise self-restraint.

The devotees of Ram demonstrated patience and perseverance, with their resolve growing stronger with each passing day. Today, as Ayodhya regains its lost glory, the entire nation rejoices. Heartfelt congratulations to Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi ji for guiding us to fulfil our resolve!

January 22, 2024, is an occasion of greatest joy for me, personally.  As I reflect on the journey, memories flood my mind — moments of unwavering determination to liberate Ram Janmabhoomi. It was this resolve that led me into the virtuous company of revered Gurudev Mahant Avaidyanath Ji Maharaj. Tomorrow, as we will mark the auspicious occasion of consecrating the idol of Shri Ram Lalla, I am acutely aware that my Grandfather Brahmleen Mahant Shri Digvijaynath Ji Maharaj and respected Gurudev Brahmleen Mahant Shri Avaidyanath Ji Maharaj, along with other revered saints, may not be physically present, but their souls will surely experience immense satisfaction. It is my good fortune to stand witness to the fulfilment of the resolution to which my respected gurus remained devoted throughout their lives.

Since the announcement of Shri Ram Lalla’s consecration in the Shri Ram Janmabhoomi temple, the anticipation among every Sanatan believer has been palpable, building towards the eagerly awaited date of January 22. The sheer magnitude of collective joy and the celebratory atmosphere that now permeates the entire nation is unparalleled in recent centuries.

The convergence of diverse spiritual traditions — Shaiva, Vaishnav, Shakta, Ganapatya, Patya, Sikh, Buddhist, Jain, Dashnam Shankar, Ramananda, Ramanuj, Nimbarka, Madhva, Vishnu Nami, Ramsanehi, Ghisapanth, Garibdasi, Akali, Nirankari, Gaudiya, Kabirpanthi, — representing a myriad of schools, sects, worship methods, and traditions, alongside saints from over 150 traditions, as well as prominent figures from more than 50 communities, including forest-hill dwellers, tribal groups, and luminaries from various fields such as politics, science, industry, sports, arts, culture, and literature, all converging under one umbrella is truly unprecedented and rare.

Tomorrow, the Hon’ble Prime Minister will eloquently convey the sentiments of 140-crore Indians in front of Shri Ram Lalla, transforming Ayodhyadham into a symbolic ‘Mini India’. This momentous occasion is a source of immense pride, and on behalf of the 25-crore people of Uttar Pradesh, I extend heartfelt greetings to everyone in the sacred Ayodhyadham.

New Ayodhya

Following the Pran Pratistha ceremony, Ayodhyadham stands poised to extend a warm welcome to devotees, tourists, researchers, and inquisitive minds from across the globe. With a dedicated focus on this objective, Ayodhyapuri is undergoing meticulous preparations in alignment with the visionary plans of the Hon’ble Prime Minister. The city now boasts of an international airport, an expanded railway station, and a well-connected network of 04-06 lane roads converging from all directions. Additionally, heliport service and a range of convenient hotels and guest houses have been established to cater to the diverse needs of visitors.

In New Ayodhya, the preservation of ancient culture and civilisation is coupled with the integration of cutting-edge urban facilities, meticulously designed to meet the demands of the future. As part of this initiative, there is a rapid rejuvenation of religious, mythological, and historical sites within the radius of Panchkosi, 14 Kosi, and 84 Kosi Parikrama of Ayodhya. These concerted efforts are not only contributing to the preservation of cultural heritage but are also poised to boost tourism, foster cultural promotion, and generate new employment opportunities in the region.

The establishment of the Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Temple stands as a profound spiritual ceremony, marking a cultural renaissance in India — it is not merely a temple but the ‘National Temple’. The consecration of the Shri Ram Lalla is a momentous occasion that swells the heart of the entire nation with pride. Through the benevolence of Lord Ram, the sanctity of the traditional parikrama of Ayodhya is now secure; no disruptions shall mar its sacred path. In the lanes of Ayodhya, bullets will not echo, Saryuji will not bear the stain of blood, and curfew will not unleash havoc. Instead, a jubilant celebration will reverberate, echoing the resonance of Ramnaam Sankirtan.

The consecration of Ram Lalla in Awadhpuri heralds the proclamation of the establishment of Ram Rajya in India — an embodiment of the ideal where ‘Sab nar karhi paraspar preeti chalhi swadharm neerat shruti neeti’ becomes a living reality. The ‘Bal-Roop Vigraha’ of Shri Ram enshrined in the Shri Ram Janmabhoomi temple serves as a guiding light, paving the way for every Sanatan believer to follow their religious principles. Congratulations to 140-crore fellow citizens on this auspicious occasion! We take immense satisfaction in witnessing the fulfilment of our commitment to build the temple where our ancestors had solemnly sworn to establish. May the blessings of Lord Shri Ram envelop everyone in their warmth and grace.

Shree Ram sharnam mum

Jai-Jai Shree Sita Ram

(The writer is the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh)

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