UNSC should play critical role in war-torn countries: India

downloadInvoking the founding principles of the United Nations, India has exhorted the UN Security Council to play an active role to provide stability and regional peace in the countries engulfed by civil war.

BhagwantBishnoi, Deputy Permanent Representative of India to the United Nations,stressed on the importance of peace building exercises forstrengthening institutions and infrastructure in nations that are prone to plunge into a civil war or have a history of domestic instability.

Mr Bishnoi also appreciated the Commission, its Organising Committee and its Country-Specific Configurations for their commendable role in mainstreaming peace building in post—conflict nations.

“The Security Council’s engagement in peace building in recent years has also helped emphasise the critical role of peace building,” Mr Bishnoi said in a meeting of the Organisational Committee, Peacebuilding Commission on March 11.

“However, deeper engagement and commitment of the Security Council is imperative to ensure long-lasting peace and avoid relapse into conflict,” he added.

Mr Bishnoi also highlighted the role of local government in peace building processes.

“It is the primary responsibility of national governments of countries emerging from conflict to identify priorities and strategies for peacebuilding in order to ensure national ownership,” he said.

He struck an optimistic note about the outcomes of peace building initiatives.

“This requires the international community to make available a predictable and appropriate level of resources over extended periods. It is important that our advocacy must be accompanied by matching commitments in resources,” Mr Bishnoi said.