Operation Rahat: 334 Indians back home from Yemen

INS_Sumitra_(P59)Underscoring India’s commitment to ensure the safety of Indians stuck in the violence-torn Yemen, New Delhi is continuing with the airlift operation. Two Indian Air Force flights carrying 334 Indian nationals landed safely in Mumbai on April 3.  

India got approval to land in Sana’a, the capital and largest city of the war-ravaged Yemen, after hectic diplomatic efforts, and it has speeded up the rescue process. India plans to evacuate nearly 500 Indian nations in four sorties. The passengers were flown home from Djibouti.

On April 2, more than 300 Indians were rescued from the port city of Al Hudaydah and were brought back by Indian Air Force C-17 Globemasters. Nearly 3,000 Indians are still waiting in different parts of Yemen, around 2,500 in Sana’a to fly back to their country.

Yemen has been witnessing carnage due to incessant gunfire, bombing and explosions using tanks and armored vehicles, between Houthi rebels and allies and Saudi-led coalition.