Nuclear deal paves way for Iran’s entry into SCO

Iran SCO membership

Iran’s landmark deal with major powers of the world is set to hasten its reintegration into the global mainstream, with the SCO looking to induct Tehran as a full-fledged member.

Dmitry Mezentsev Secretary General of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Dmitry Mezentsev said recently that the recent conclusion of Iran’s nuclear talks with the P5+1 countries will pave the way for Iran’s full membership at the SCO.  Speaking at the sidelines of a forum of the heads of leading SCO media outlets in Moscow, Mr Mezentsev spoke about the positive impact of the nuclear agreement on the world’s attitude towards Tehran.

Due to the sanctions imposed on Iran, it was not possible to grant Iran full time membership to the organisation, added Mr Mezentsev. With the sanctions set to be lifted by the beginning of 2016, it would be easier to put Iran’s full time membership on the SCO’s agenda after that. According to the agreement in the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) finalized in Vienna between Iran and P5+1 powers, all economic and financial sanctions  will be removed, along with bans on shipping, Iran’s Central Bank, oil and gas industry, and many other companies will be lifted.

India and Pakistan were cleared for full membership at the SCO summit in Ufa. With a resurgent Iran set to get inside the SCO tent, the Eurasian grouping is poised to become a more powerful regional grouping. India, for one, will be backing Iran’s membership as it will bring in another influential regional actor to combat rising extremism in the region and to shape an inclusive reconciliation in Afghanistan.


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