Modi in Singapore: Lee a global thinker, believed in India’s potential

singapore-leeIndia’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi joined world leaders at the funeral for Singapore’s founding father and poured tributes to “a global thinker” who transformed the city-state within a generation.
Describing Singapore as a key pillar of India’s Act East policy, Mr Modi underlined that Lee believed in India’s potential and was personally a source of inspiration for him.
“The passing away of H.E. Mr. Lee Kuan Yew marks the end of an era. He was among the tallest leaders of our times. Singapore’s transformation in one generation is a tribute to his leadership,” Mr Modi said.
Imodi-singapore-funeralndia has declared a day of public mourning for Singapore’s beloved leader. The adulation and affection for Lee Kuan Yew in Singapore cut across the spectrum as thousands of Singaporeans braved blistering rain on a soggy Sunday morning (March 29) to pay homage to the man they esteemed and loved.
“In India, we deeply valued his friendship and his support for India’s economic progress and global role. He believed in India’s potential more than many of us did,” said Mr Modi.
The development-focused Indian prime minister is known to be a great admirer of Lee Kuan Yew and Singapore’s transformation model. The Modi government has been proactively enlisting the partnership of Singapore in his declared mission of building 100 smart cities in India.
“Personally, he was a source of inspiration for me. His achievements and thoughts give me confidence in the possibility of India’s own transformation,” said Mr Modi.
Singapore has been a robust supporter of India’s enhanced role in ASEAN and in the extended region, which has now crystallized into Act East policy under Mr Modi’s watch.