Malaysia, truly Asia: Modi hails Indian community in Malaysia

Modi diasporaKUALA LUMPUR:  Receiving a rockstar reception once again,   Prime Minister Narendra Modi thrilled the Indian diaspora with his oratory. Addressing a 15,000 strong Indian diaspora in Kuala Lumpur Mr Modi spoke about the diversity of Malaysia and the contribution of Indians to Malaysia. Mr Modi paid homage to India’s freedom fighters and soldiers who fought for India during ‘World War II’.

Praising the doctors, engineers and IT professionals, Mr Modi acknowledged their immense contribution that has made India proud. He also spoke about the reforms undertaken by his government and said winds of change have arrived in India. To make things easier for the Indian diaspora, Mr Modi spoke about the merging of OCI and PIO cards apart from life-long visas. Emphasising on terrorism, Mr Modi stressed on the need for the world to come together to combat it.

Here are some excerpts from his speech to the Indian diaspora in Kuala Lumpur

  • Your love for India has not reduced. I see this in colour of your festivals, the strings on the music

  • Tamil people have a big role in India’s path of development: PM Narendra Modi

  • Love and friendship of the Malay Indians has always had a special place in my heart

  • Will name our cultural centre here after Subhas Chandra Bose

  • I am reminded of the words of Thiruvalluvar: Friendship is not just a smile on face. Its what is felt deep within a smiling heart

  • Independent India owes a debt of gratitude to Malaya-Indians. Malaya Indians very deeply inspired by the life of Mahatma Gandhi

  • Remember the contribution of Malaya Indians during the post-earthquake period in Gujarat in 2001

  • Gandhiji did not manage to visit Malaysia, but he touched your hearts

  • You reflect India’s diversity of languages, religions & cultures.

  • You have contributed to build Malaysia into a vibrant modern nation and an economic power house

  • It is my proud privilege to announce that we will install bust of Mahatma Gandhi at the Gandhi memorial hall

  • The Swami Vivekananda Statue is a reminder of the values we so deeply need to repair the fault-lines that are tearing societies apart.

  • Malaysia’s achievements are enormous. Just 6 decades after Malaysia gained independence, this nation has much to be proud of:

  • Malaysia lives up to the image of ‘Truly Asia’: living in harmony across diversity; innov’n & hard work

  • India the land of your heritage has remarkable achievements since independence-

  • India is not just united but also draws strength from its diversity. India is a proud democratic nation of 1.25 billion people. We produce doctors & engineers which serve the world and we are making products that are entering global market. We are eradicating poverty.

  • India has a long way to go, challenges evident

  • India is a young country, it is a nation where everyone has equal rights that constitution guarantees

  • We are facilitating business & creating a national digital infra that allows ideas, business and innovation to flow freely on cyber space. We have mastered the boundless power of atom for energy and medicine.

  • India is today the fastest growing major economy in the World, I know you feel proud of it.

  • We are running at 7.5% per year, but we will grow even faster in coming years.

  • Winds of change gathering in India

  • There is change in the way Government is working, we are making Government transparent and accountable

  • We are eliminating corruption at all levels and making governance driven by policy and systems not discretion of individuals

  • We produce best Information Technology specialists in the world. We produce doctors & engineers who serve the world

  • We have excellent relations with South East Asian nations. We have strong partnership with ASEAN, this is the region where our economic relations are growing rapidly. Happy to say that Malaysia is one of our strongest partners and among our closest friends in the region.

  • Terrorism is the biggest threat in the world today. The world has to come together to combat it.

  • No country should promote terrorism. World must ensure that countries do not use or promote terrorism – no sanctuaries, no funds, no arms. Must delink religion from terror. Only distinction is between those who believe in humanity and those who don’t.

  • I want to thank Malaysian Govt for our strong security cooperation.

  • We have merged the OCI and PIO cards and have made the visas life-long. Besides Indian origin upto fourth generation is enough to register for OCI now. Especially helpful for people like Malay Indians whose ancestors came here generations ago.

  • The internet must not be a terror recruiting ground.

  • We have to promote peaceful relation, mutual understanding and cooperation in our region

  • Announces a grant of $1 million to the India-students Trust Fund for financial assistance to Malay-Indian students

  • We’ve many common interest and challenges. All nations in the region (big or small) must work together to ensure that our nations remain safe.

  • Quotes APJ Abdul Kalam- “Have the courage to think differently, and to discover the impossible!”

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