LSR Model UN 2024, Making it Matter

By Deepakshi Bhardwaj


In the heart of New Delhi – India’s geopolitical epicentre, Lady Shri Ram College for Women (LSR) stands as a beacon of academic excellence contributing to India’s policymaking and diplomatic landscape. Within its hallowed halls resides a society that has carved out a niche for itself in the realm of Model United Nations (MUN) conferences – the LSRMUN Society. As it gears up to host yet another groundbreaking conference on March 22 and 23, the anticipation is palpable, with two days packed with impactful dialogue, diplomacy, and empowerment.

As India’s youth is increasingly displaying a fervent desire to engage in international relations and diplomacy, LSRMUN will provide them with a platform to actively contribute to international discourse. The mood of India’s youth is captured by the recent ORF Foreign Policy Survey, which registered 83% approval ratings for India’s current foreign policy – higher than all the previous years. This encapsulates their inclination towards understanding the geopolitical landscape through the lens of multilateralism and Indian leadership. Model UN is an avenue for the youth to learn the ‘behind the scenes’ of the most significant multilateral institution in the world – the United Nations.

Rich Legacy

LSRMUN holds a significant place within the MUN circuit with a staggering 1200-member club and 7 core teams. Its rich legacy is marked by esteemed associations with renowned organizations such as CRY, UNHCR, UNODC, and the United Nations Information Centre for India and Bhutan. Recognized on various platforms, LSRMUN’s commitment to impactful diplomacy has earned it widespread acclaim.

What sets LSRMUN apart are its four key pillars: accessibility, bilingualism, the NGO Committee, and its academic research journal. The LSRMUN Society is dedicated to making Model UN accessible to all by offering its conference free of charge, thereby removing financial barriers to participation. This inclusivity ensures that talented individuals, regardless of their socioeconomic background, have the opportunity to engage in meaningful dialogue and hone their diplomatic skills.

Diversity & Inclusivity

LSRMUN is also Asia’s first bilingual MUN conference which promotes linguistic diversity and inclusivity. By conducting proceedings in both English and Hindi, it caters to a broader audience, creating a welcoming environment for delegates from diverse linguistic backgrounds.

LSRMUN embodies a commitment to increasing real-world access by simulating an NGO committee within its conference, which provides delegates with a platform to address pressing social issues and collaborate with real NGOs, amplifying their impact and empowering them to drive positive change in their communities.

Lastly, the LSRMUN Society publishes an annual academic research journal to bridge the gap between academia and diplomacy, showcasing scholarly research on global issues from various prestigious institutions. This initiative fosters critical thinking, intellectual discourse, and interdisciplinary collaboration among delegates.

The upcoming conference, themed “Making It Matter,” is poised to be a transformative event. Distinguished figure Ms. Lakshmi Puri, with over four decades of experience in international diplomacy and women’s empowerment, will grace the conference as the chief guest, inspiring delegates to address pressing global challenges with compassion and innovation.

Next Gen Leaders

The conference’s agenda is as diverse as its delegates, featuring committees such as UNCSW, AIPPM, SOCHUM, Citizens’ Open Forum, and International Press. These committees will deliberate on issues ranging from bridging the gender digital divide to discussing universal access to clean drinking water and sanitation, ensuring that delegates engage with topics of utmost relevance and significance in today’s geopolitical landscape.

At its core, LSRMUN Society nurtures a vibrant and supportive community of change-makers, united by a shared passion for diplomacy and social impact. Its vision is to cultivate a diverse and inclusive community that celebrates differences, embraces collaboration, and champions empathy and understanding.

As the world grapples with a myriad of foreign policy challenges, LSRMUN serves as an accelerator aiming to empower the next generation of Indian leaders to tackle the world’s most pressing issues. Through its conferences, sessions, training boot camps, and initiatives, LSRMUN inspires a real difference in the young minds of India, leaving a lasting legacy of positive change that extends beyond the conference halls of LSR.



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