Clinton, Trump score big, but road to White House won’t be easy



After Hillary Clinton’s recent wins and Donald Trump’s domination in the Republican field, it is almost clear that primary voters want the former secretary of state to face Mr Trump in November. Experts say that the task for Mr Trump will certainly be tough, if not impossible, for the White House. Earlier, nobody thought that Mr Trump, the maverick Republican politician who is known for his polarizing views on a range of issues, could win the Republican nomination either. As a matter of fact, the road to the Oval office will not be easy for both these hopefuls by any stretch of imagination.

The presidential nominations from the two leading parties that configure the US political landscape have now became clear. However, their rivals within their own parties will not leave the field to make their journey easy to the US top post as both candidates have vulnerabilities that could potentially derail their campaigns.

The results of super-primaries have virtually sealed the fate of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, but he is still going to be a force to reckon with.  Mr Sanders has said that he will continue to campaign the entire primary season. The kind of enthusiasm Sanders continues to generate among people is going to be a tough act for Ms Clinton to follow.

Ms Clinton’s mishandling of classified information, when she was secretary to state, is well known to everyone, and any more revelation can be damaging for her to the extent no one can imagine. According to reports, there is a strong possibility of disclosure of more information regarding foreign donations to the Clinton Foundation.  

Mr Trump will also make sure Ms Clinton carries the baggage of free trade as he constantly rakes up fears of immigrants taking US jobs. Besides, Mr Trump has already accused Bill Clinton of having a ‘terrible record of women abuse’, which surely would continue to haunt the campaign of Hillary Clinton.


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