China warns US against destabilising Korean region


China has labelled the US and South Korea military exercise as an act of ‘sabre-rattling’, saying the situation was a bit explosive and could spell disaster. China reacted sharply a day after South Korean and the US started large-scale military exercises on Monday.

Expressing grave concern, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said it will not allow the stability in the region to be disrupted.

“At the moment there is some sabre-rattling on the Korean Peninsula and the situation is a bit explosive. If the tensions worsen or even get out of control, there would be a disaster for all parties,” Wang said in a clear reference to the ongoing joint military drill. “As the largest neighbour of the peninsula, China will not sit back and see a fundamental disruption to stability on the peninsula,” he further said.

However, Mr Wang also said that China will not support North Korea’s efforts to acquire nuclear arsenal. He also clarified categorically that it will provide security assistance in case war breaks out in Korean peninsula.

North Korea has also threatened to respond with an all-out offensive.     Isolated North Korea keeps threatening of military action in response to the annual military drill that it perceived as preparation for war against it. “The army and people of the DPRK will launch an all-out offensive to decisively counter the US and its followers’ hysterical nuclear war moves,” the North Korean commission said in a statement.

Amid simmering tension, reports have come out that the US is in talks to base long range bombers in Australia. According to reports, both the countries is in talks to allow US B-1 bombers and aerial tankers to be temporarily stationed in Australia’s Northern Territory, a move that could potentially intensify tension with China.

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