Bobby Jindal enters US presidential race, says he is doer, not talker

bobby-jindalFinally, Bobby Jindal has thrown his hat in the ring. Indian-American Bobby Jindal, the first non-white governor of Louisiana, has joined the arena of Republic contenders for the US 2016 presidential race.  

Pitching himself as a doer, the 44-year-old Jindal kicked off his campaign with an overarching agenda of bolstering the country’s military, creating free market and abolishing President Barack Obama’s healthcare programme.

Doers versus Talkers

Speaking at a campaign launch event held in New Orleans, Mr Jindal spoke a shade dramatically.  “My name is Bobby Jindal. I am Governor of the great state of Louisiana, and I’m running to be President of the greatest country in the world, the United States of America!”

He pitched himself as a different kind of candidate with a different approach, and reiterated that he wanted to do things, which were left undone so far. And it was the right time to get rid of talkers.


“The United States of America was made great by people who get things done, not lots of talk or entertaining speeches. If great speeches helped our country, we’d be on easy street right now,” he proclaimed.

“There are a lot of great talkers running for president already. We’ve had enough of talkers. It is time for a doer,” he said in a messianic tone.

In his address, bristling with ambitious goals and promises, the 44-year old highlighted his tenure in office, during which he fought for tax cuts, and advocated the repeal of Obamacare by replacing it with a free market plan, that focuses on reducing cost.

He took a jibe at leaders of his own party, and said, “I am running for president without permission from headquarters in Washington DC.”

Mr Jindal, America’s first elected Indian-American governor, boasts an impressive resume: he became a state health secretary at the age of 24, got elected to Congress at 32 and became governor of Louisiana at 36.

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