Mayhem in Ghouta: And dilemma before civilians

Mayhem in Ghouta: And dilemma before civilians


Even minutes after the United Nations Security Council pushed Syrian regime’s backer Russia to agree to a ceasefire, the bombardment of eastern Ghouta, a suburb of Damascus, still continued.According to a UK based monitor called Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the regime has killed over 500 people in less than a week. The regime calls it a lie, but the locals from Ghouta say Assad has been raining lethal barrel bombs, among other ammunition, on 350,000-400,000 remaining inhabitants of Ghouta, shoving them underground.
The regime first imposed a siege in the area, ringing the capital in May 2013. Albeit at prices ten times higher than in Damascus, basic materials like food and fuel were supplied through the al-Wafideen opening. Rebels also dug tunnels leading to Damascus to smuggle in the goods. Since late last year, the siege has been absolute. Syrian forces bombed the tunnels and sealed Wafideen.

Modi’s first visit to Arunachal after Doklam


With an alert China watching amid Spring Festival celebrations, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has arrived in Arunachal Pradesh to inaugurate a host of projects with an eye on the upcoming elections. This is his first visit to the state since the Doklam standoff with China last year.China continues to raise strong objections to visits by Indian leaders to the state, parts of which Beijing claim to be disputed areas. China had kicked up a storm when President Ram Nath Kovind had visited Arunachal last year in November.
In Arunachal Pradesg, Mr Modi will be launching a new 24×7 Doordarshan channel, DD Arun Prabha, which will be the second channel dedicated to the northeast after DD North-East. Other inaugurations include the Dorjee Khandu State Convention Centre and the state’s Civil Secretariat complex in Itanagar. He will also be a part of the foundation stone laying ceremony of the academic block at the Tomo Riba Institute of Health and Medical Science.

Indian economy to grow 7-7.5%: Economic Survey


Ahead of the Union budget, the Economic Survey report for the fiscal year 2017-18 tabled by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley projected a robustly optimistic picture⋅⋅⋅

Horror & despair in Kabul after terror carnage, India offers all possible help


Mourning, horror and shock have enveloped Kabul in the aftermath of the worst terror attack in months. It’s a despair-laden Sunday for Afghans as the⋅⋅⋅

India@69: President Kovind bats for a cohesive India where you can disagree


Unveiling his vision of a tolerant and modern India, India’s President Ram Nath Kovind batted for right “to disagree with another viewpoint” in his Republic Day eve address and called for a robust nation-building process that would contribute of a “composite and cohesive world”.
Speaking on the eve of India’s 69th Republic Day, the president spoke about many facets of a nation – one of happy and equal-opportunity, innovation, civic-mindedness, selflessness, cultural vibrancy, discipline and moral uprightness – that together make up a “modern India that is both a land of talent – and a land of unlimited opportunities for that talent”.
In a veiled allusion to a raging controversy around the screening of the film Padmaavat which has triggered violence in parts of India, President Kovind underscored the need to maintain harmony through respect of one another’s viewpoint, as against the divisiveness that marks the society at present. “Where one can disagree with another viewpoint – or even with a historical context – without mocking a fellow citizen’s dignity and personal space. This is fraternity in action”, he said.

‘I Have Bigger Nuclear Button’: Trump’s Tweets Threaten to Derail Korean Talks – Analyst


Seoul is proposing to hold high-level talks on January 9 with Pyongyang at the demilitarized zone between the two countries, South Korea’s Unification Minister Cho Myoung-gyon said on Tuesday.The minister suggested holding talks at the Panmunjom village after Kim Jong Un expressed hopes that the country’s athletes would take part in the upcoming Winter Olympic Games set to take place in South Korea.

More Embassy Relocations on Horizon as Israel in Contact With ’10 Countries’


The comment by Israel’s deputy foreign minister came after Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales announced the relocation of his country’s embassy to Jerusalem. Earlier, the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution rejecting the US decision on the status of Jerusalem.The Israeli Foreign Ministry is in touch with “at least 10 countries” from different parts of the world that are mulling over moving their embassies to Jerusalem, following US President Donald Trump’s decision to recognize the city as the Israeli capital, Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely said.

“We are in contact with at least ten countries, some of them in Europe” to discuss the possible move, Hotovely told Reshet Bet radio on Monday, refusing, however, to name those countries.Hotovely also suggested that Trump’s decision on the status of Jerusalem would “trigger a wave” of similar moves. “So far we have only seen the beginning,” she said.

India Launches $8 Billion Program to Make Its Own Fighter Jet

New Delhi seeks to procure 83 combat aircraft produced by the state-owned Hindustan Aeronautics LTD (HAL) in an attempt to free its air force from dependence on imported technologies, Defense One reports.According to the report, the airplane, designated LCA (Light Combat Aircraft) Mark-1A, is going to be “truly a fourth-generation fighter,” equipped with service-specific Active Electronically Scanned Array radar, or AESA; air-to-air refueling pods; self-protection jammers; and improved avionics and core systems.

Mattis to Pakistan: It’s time for real action against terror


Embracing a more nuanced diplomatic approach in engaging Pakistan in counter-terrorism efforts, US Defence Secretary James Mattis has asked Islamabad to intensify its efforts in rooting out terror from its soil.Mr Mattis met Pakistani Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi in Islamabad on December 4 and impressed upon the latter the compelling need to act against terror outfits.
A statement by the Prime Minister’s office in Pakistan said, “He [Mattis] emphasised that in view of his long association with Pakistan, he was keenly aware of the sacrifices rendered and the lives lost in Pakistan’s fight against terrorism and extremism; and his personal respect and appreciation for the professional abilities of Pakistan’s armed forces “.

Turkish Politicians: Russia, Turkey, Iran on Right Track to End Syrian Crisis


Russia, Turkey and Iran’s efforts aimed at solving the Syrian crisis has borne fruit paving the way for the holding of the future National Dialogue Congress in Sochi, Turkish politicians have told Sputnik. One of them suggested that the center of the negotiation process has shifted from Geneva to Asia with the US’ influence on the talks waning.The recent high-level summit in the Russian Black Sea city of Sochi held by the leaders of Russia, Turkey and Iran has become a logical continuation of the Astana peace process over Syria and opened the door to the upcoming Syrian National Dialogue Congress, politicians told Sputnik Turkey.