Modi weaves spell in Sydney, announces new consulate in Brisbane

SYDNEY: The Modi magic cast its spell on thousands of Indian-Australians who cheered him loudly as he shared his soaring vision of a new India on the move, and unveiled the new mantra of India-Australia relations, pivoted around 3Ds – democracy, diaspora and dosti (friendship).

More than 20,000 Persons of Indian Origin, who have made Australia their home, turned up to listen to their idol at the Qudos Bank Arena, giving the leader of the world’s largest democracy a rockstar aura. Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, who is not quite known for his oratory, waxed eloquent and showered praise on PM Modi, telling him in full public view that even the legendary singer Bruce Springsteen did not get the kind of welcome the Indian leader got on a wintry evening in Sydney. He called PM Modi the “Boss,” eliciting thunderous applause from the Indian community.

“The last time I saw someone on this stage here was Bruce Springsteen and he did not get the welcome that Prime Minister Modi has got. Prime Minister Modi is the boss,” PM Albanese said.

As expected, PM Modi enthralled his captive audience with his spellbinding oratory, peppered with India’s achievements in diverse areas, ranging from science and technology to smartphones and financial inclusion. The crowd eagerly hung on to his every word, with many of them turning emotional about India’s rising global stature evoked by Modi in his trademark style.

From 3Cs to 3Ds

It wasn’t, however, just pep talk and patriotic incantation; Modi literally walked the talk as he announced a new Indian consulate in Brisbane.

In his speech, PM Modi minted a new idiom of India-Australia relations. “Earlier, it was said that the relations between India and Australia are defined by 3 Cs – commonwealth, cricket, and curry. Then it was said that our relationship is defined by 3Ds – democracy, diaspora, and dosti. Some people also said that our relationship is based on 3Es – energy, economy, and education. But our historic ties are much bigger than that. They are based on mutual trust and mutual respect.”

Little India Dream

For the over 800,000 Indian community living in Australia, it was a proud moment as the Prime Ministers of India and Australia unveiled the plaque of ‘Little India’ gateway to be built in Harris Park, Sydney, home to a vibrant Indian community.

Much to the delight of the Indian community, Australian Prime Minister Albanese revealed a new Centre for Australia-India Relations would be established at Parramatta.

Looking ahead, PM Modi underlined that mutual trust and mutual respect will underpin the multi-faceted India-Australia partnership in months to come. “Mutual trust and mutual respect have not developed only due to the diplomatic relations of India-Australia. The real reason, the real power is – all of you Indians who live in Australia,” the Prime Minister added.

“The long-standing demand of the Indian community in Brisbane will now be fulfilled. A new Indian Consulate will be opened soon in Brisbane,” PM Modi announced.

The Australian leader was generous and fulsome in praise of the Indian community in Australia. “You have brought the spirit of the world’s biggest democracy to Australia. And you have helped make our democracy stronger and more inclusive,” he said.

“You’ve strengthened Australian society, bringing our country the benefits and riches of such a beautiful and diverse culture. And I’m so proud that you have made Australia your home – that you see your life and your future here. You make our nation and our shared communities better. You make Australia stronger.”

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