India Unites 9/9: 1.3 billion lamps to combat coronavirus darkness

Lead us from darkness to light, and from despair to hope! This is a soaring message and prayer from Prime Minister Narendra Modi exhorting 1.3 billion Indians to light 1.3 billion lamps/candles to conquer the evil coronavirus.

On April 5, Sunday, the world will see a unique spectacle of collective national strength in India that will underscore the shared national resolve to defeat the common enemy of the coronavirus pandemic.

In his third national address since the pandemic outbreak on April 3 – this time via a recorded video message – PM Modi has provided a mystical and spiritual dimension to India’s spirited battle against the coronavirus amid a 21-day national lockdown.

Modi’s message resonates with spiritual symbolism centred around light in all faiths. In a masterly motivational speech, the Indian leader seeks to unite an incredibly diverse nation to collectively tap their inner energy and light to conquer the daemonic coronavirus.

PM Modi has also held aloft a new template of inspiring leadership in times of deepening despair, reminiscent of war-time pep speeches by leaders like Winston Churchill. It’s a masterstroke in moblising the nation in times of crises like this one, by telling people that you are not alone in this battle, but the entire nation stands together.

Now, Indians will be eagerly waiting to hear from their leader about the end of the lockdown darkness.


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Manish Chand
Manish Chand
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