UNCTT Programme will enable the detection and disruption of human trafficking : UN Secretary-General

“The United Nations Countering Terrorist Travel Programme we launch today is about helping to meet all these objectives. I would like to thank the Dutch Government for its generous contribution to this effort, I appreciate the continued support of the Governments of India, Japan, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the State of Qatar to the counter-terrorism work of the United Nations, Many are well trained and could carry out future terrorist attacks. Others hope to radicalize and recruit new followers to their cause. They, as well as those they inspire, represent a major transnational threat,detecting and disrupting these terrorists and other high-risk criminals prior to them carrying out an attack is a high priority for the international community . We know that policies that fully respect human rights are essential in tackling violent extremism. This information sharing will enhance the abilities of member states to effectively detect, prevent, investigate and prosecute terrorist offences, including their related travel ““The recent despicable attacks in Kenya, New Zealand, and Sri Lanka, among others, are tragic reminders of the global reach of the scourge of terrorism,adding such incidents underscore the need to work closely with partners across the United Nations system and beyond. The General Assembly and Security Council resolution 2396 have reaffirmed the need to strengthen international cooperation and information sharing to improve national detection capacities and prevent the travel of terrorists .”

“Importantly, this (the programme) will also enable the detection and disruption of human trafficking and other forms of serious organised crime and to faster identify their victims, It represents the kind of cooperative, inter-governmental and institutional approach that I aimed for when I established the Global Counter-Terrorism Coordination Compact last year to enhance counter-terrorism coordination and coherence across the system.”

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said and appreciates India’s counter-terrorism work, launches the UNCTT Programme

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