Modi weaves spell at Wembley


Amid frenzied adulation and feverish chants of welcome, India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi cast his spell at the iconic Wembley stadium in London, with his song of national renewal. On a chilly winter evening, Mr Modi addresed a record 60000-strong Indian community, the largest diasporic audience he has addressed so far. British Prime Minister David Cameron introduced Mr Modi in rhapsodic terms, and showered lavish praise on the over 1.5 milion Indian community. He prophesied that the day is not far when a British-Indian will become the prime minister of Britain.
Here are highlights from Prime Minister Modi’ s speech at the Wembley stadium in London on November 13.

  • PM David Cameron greets the crowd with Kemcho Wembley
  • I was told that London will be cold but not this much says PM Modi. Your wonderful and warm welcome makes me feel at home
  • UK PM foretells the future. India with a permanent seat in the UN Security Council.
  • There is no reason for India to stay poor. Without reason we have kept poverty says PM Modi
  • A country which has the power of youth cannot be stopped says PM Modi
  • PM Modi praises Indian community in UK for their contribution
  • Which Indian wouldn’t be proud to see a statue of Mahatma Gandhi in front of British Parliament
  • Prasing Kabir and Rahim for being an inspiration PM Modi cites Sufi tradition saying it is the best antidote to terror
  • Wherever Indians have gone, they have demonstrated how to coexist peacefully with others
  • Today the world is looking at India with hope and the world has changed its perception about India.
  • We don’t need favours from the world, if we want anything it is equality.
  • The two main challenges facing the world today are terrorism and global warming
  • Be it terrorism or global warming It is the responsibility of the world to tackle it. India can show the right way for this.
  • 18000 villages in India need electricity. In next 1000 days we will ensure they get it.
  • We need a fast rail and for that we have opened 100% FDI in Railways.
  • For the first time Rupee bonds are being issued by Indian railways at London Stock Exchange
  • India has taken the lead in setting up an International Solar Alliance
  • India can become a Solar Energy power.
  • All leading international institutions, credit rating agencies have rated India as the fastest growing country in the world.
  • For the first time we have been rated better than China in terms of corruption.
  • India is set to reach new heights in progress and development.
  • OCI will be simplified. OCI and PIO will be merged, but some people are facing difficulties and I’ve addressed those issues.
  • India has started an online platform named MADAD. You can post your grievances there.
  • Direct flight between Ahmedabad and London from December 15

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