Major Nuclear powers set to miss Nuclear Security Summit in Washington


Some powerful political leaders may be absent from the Nuclear Security Summit hosted by the US later this week in Washington, as Russia says it will not participate and Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has cancelled his planned trip for the summit. Mr Sharif cancelled his upcoming visit to the US where he was scheduled to attend the nuclear summit in the backdrop of the deadly terror attack in Lahore. Russia has already said it has no plans to participate in the US administration’s nuclear talks. Moscow’s Foreign Ministry has said that the summits have “played their role,” but now interfere in the activities of the United Nations and other groups. “Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has cancelled his upcoming visit to the United States,” Radio Pakistan has tweeted.

The non-appearance of the Russian and Pakistani establishments could prove to be detrimental to any meaningful talks at the summit. The official website for the nuclear summit has said “it is unfortunate” Russia decided not to attend, adding, “We hope that Russia, as the host of the first nuclear security summit of ‘G7+1’ leaders in 1996, still shares the view that securing nuclear materials and combatting nuclear terrorism are priorities well worth the personal attention of world leaders.”

“Russia will deal with the US as equals where it feels it’s useful. But Russia will not come to Washington to kiss the ring of President Obama,” said Eugene Rumer, director of the Russia and Eurasia Programme for the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. The nuclear summit is being held in not only the backdrop of a series of terror attacks, in Brussels and Lahore, but also recent nuclear activities in Korean region. In January, North Korea had conducted its fourth nuclear test, and issued threatening for more. North Korea’s recent incitement is expected to receive significant attention. China’s president is also expected to visit Washington to attend the summit.

US President Barack Obama will host the nuclear summit on March 31 with 56 delegations expected in attendance. The main focus of the summit will be on preventing nuclear terrorism. US President Barack Obama is planning to hold a separate meeting on ISIS, also known as ISIL, with world leaders when they converge here for the two-day Nuclear Security Summit later this week, the White House has said.

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