Iranian nuclear framework a “historic understanding”: Obama

7346700_GUS President Barack Obama has hailed the nuclear agreement with Iran as a “historic understanding”, and said, if implemented, would make the world safer. Calling the agreement “a good deal”, one which meets core objectives of USA foreign policy, the President reassured his critics by emphasizing that stringent inspection requirements and limits on nuclear enrichment, as specified in the agreement (which is to be fine tuned over the next three months), shall prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons.

Hours after the extensive talk held in Laussane, Switzerland, between the P5+1 and Iran, he said, “if the deal is finalized, we will be able to resolve one of the greatest threats to our security, and to do so peacefully.”

The framework agreement has been hailed as a diplomatic win for all sides. In his speech from the White House (which was telecast live in Iran, another exceptional move), he underlined that the agreement was based not on trust but on “unprecedented verification” which would allow IAEA inspections to Iranian nuclear facilities. The framework ensured “that if Iran cheats, the world will know it”.

Mr. Obama also mentioned the key highlights in the agreement which included reduction by about two-third of existing centrifuges in Iran, redesigning its power plant to ensure weapon-grade plutonium is not produced, complying with regular inspections, and not to enriching uranium over 3.67% (far less to than needed to make a nuclear bomb)for at least next 15 years.

In return economic sanctions implemented by the UNSC would be lifted immediately, and by U.S., over time.