Only 25 Per Cent Chinese Like India: Survey

In a globally connected world, perceptions of each matter, specially when it comes to more than two billion people of the two rising Asian powers who are often touted as rivals.

A survey done by the Washington-based Pew Research Center shows that nearly 25 per cent of Chinese nationals negative opinion about India.

“Roughly a quarter (23 per cent) has a favourable opinion of India, while 62 per cent offer a negative opinion,” says a survey done by the Pew Research Center.

“Currently, only 44 per cent of Chinese say their southern neighbour’s expanding economy is positive for China, down from six-in-ten in 2010,” it says.

The negativity echoes Indians’ perception of their relationship with China. “Only 23 per cent of Indians describe their country’s relationship with China as one of cooperation and only 24 per cent think China’s growing economy is a good thing for India,” it said.

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Manish Chand
Manish Chand
Manish Chand is Founder-CEO and Editor-in-Chief of India Writes Network ( and India and World, a pioneering magazine focused on international affairs. He is CEO/Director of TGII Media Private Limited, an India-based media, publishing, research and consultancy company.