India and World
(A Quarterly Magazine on Global Affairs),
 “India and World,” is a pioneering magazine focused on India’s expanding global engagements and global affairs.  The new quarterly magazine seeks to present India’s perspectives on major international issues and debates.

 A must-read for anyone interested in global readers, TGII India and World is a unique magazine that blends high-quality content with attractive visual presentation. The articles included in the magazine are authored by well-known experts and prominent authors and are marked by authenticity, solid research and crisp style of writing.

Indian Diplomacy @2020: The overarching theme of the inaugural edition – Indian Diplomacy@2020 – has been chosen to focus on India’s evolving relations with major power centres, including the US, China, Russia and Japan, and key regions like ASEAN/East Asia and emerging powers grouped under BRICS. The inaugural edition comprises essays and commentaries, authored by some of the country’s well-known experts and analysts, who take the long view and offer informed projections about the future trajectory of India’s vital external relationships. The contributors to the inaugural edition include: former ambassadors – Sudhir Devare, Aftab Seth, Ashok Sajjanhar, H.H.S. Viswanathan, Asoke Kumar Mukherji; and academics and analysts – Jayadeva Ranade, Sriknath Kondapalli and Chintamani Mahapatra. The magazine also features interviews with Dr Vijay Chauthaiwale, BJP’s in-charge of foreign affairs, and Vietnam’s ambassador to India, H.E. Ton Sinh Thanh.

The magazine is published by TGII Media Private Limited, a leading media, publishing, research, and consultancy company, which is better known for its portal India Writes Network (

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