Is China’s dealings with the world set to change?

Change seems to be afoot in China’s dealings with the world. At a major conference on foreign affairs in Beijing on November 28-29, President Xi Jinping called on his colleagues to create a “more enabling environment” for China’s development. Xi’s remarks are nuanced and balanced and seek to distance China from its brash and assertive posture which has generated considerable unease in the regions neighbouring China.
At another level, China is signalling that it is a big power and wants to be seen in a more benign light as one, rather than being feared and distrusted , as it is at present.
At a third level, it also reflects a Chinese understanding that despite its impressive capabilities, it is still a relatively passive power as is evident from the Chinese absence in dealing with any of the serious global crises like Ukraine, Syria or Afghanistan.

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China pledges $20 billion investment for India

Marking the opening of a new chapter in the economic relations between the two Asian neighbours, China has unveiled an investment package of around $20 billion to bolster infrastructure investment in India – a major step that will help bridge trade deficit and bring the two countries closer in an economic embrace.

The two Asian giants signed 12 agreements, including a pact for the establishment of two Chinese industrial parks in Gujarat and Maharashtra. The pacts were signed after side-ranging talks between India’s Prime Minister and China’s President Xi Jinping in New Delhi September 18.

Besides economic issues, the two leaders also focused on bolstering trust and agreed to fast-track negotiations for resolving their decades-old boundary dispute.

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