Australian PM serenades India, nuclear deal on the way

In a milestone in their transforming ties, India and Australia are poised to sign a civil nuclear deal that will enable the import of Australian uranium to the energy deficient Asian economy. Australia’s Prime Minister Tony Abbott began his two-day trip from Mumbai, India’s commercial capital, and serenaded India’s growing global stature and its importance to Australia’s future. “The purpose of this trip, as far as I’m concerned, is to acknowledge the importance of India in the wider world, acknowledge the importance of India to Australia’s future,” said Abbot in a meeting with business leaders in Mumbai on September 4. “There is an abundance of opportunities here in India. I am determined to make the most of them,” he said on an upbeat note.

Abbott will make a pitch for enhanced trade and commercial partnership between Canberra and New Delhi. Currently, the trade volume between the two countries hovers around $15 billion which, experts say, is below potential. India also invests around $11 billion in Australia.

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