India on diplomatic offensive, showcases pluralism, minorities’ welfare

Stung by accusations of the growing religious intolerance in India, the Modi government has gone on a diplomatic offensive and told a global terror meet in the US that the traditional notion of minorities is not valid in the Indian context. The government underlined that it has been proactively addressing issues relating to their social, cultural and political integration.
Stressing on vibrant pluralism of Indian society and polity, R.N. Ravi, chairman of a joint intelligence committee and head of the Indian delegation to an international conference hosted by the White House on terrorism, highlighted that India is home to over 180 million Muslims in India, the world’s second largest Muslim population after Indonesia. He also drew attention to the recent peaceful Assembly election in Jammu and Kashmir with 65% voter turnout, and stressed that no Indian has been found participating in “violent Pan Islamist groups” to prove that Indian Muslims have faith in the country.

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