Bridging past and future: Nalanda University comes alive after 8 centuries

After 821 years Nalanda, an ancient seat of learning and cultural exchange located in India’s eastern state Bihar, has once again come alive, linking the past and the present and building a bridge to the future. India’s External affairs minister Sushma Swaraj inaugurated the academic session at the Nalanda University’s reincarnation into a modern global knowledge hub on September 19.
“Today is a historic day for Nalanda University. It is a day when a vision has become a reality. It is a day when all roads are leading to Nalanda. For us, Nalanda University is the link between the past and the present and the bridge to our future,” the minister said while planting a ‘peepal’ sapling which will blossom into a sturdy tree of knowledge in days to come.

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