Modi mantra: Making India the easiest place for doing business

Putting India on the global investment map, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has promised to make the country the “easiest” destination to do business, which would blend a stable tax regime with a predictable, transparent and fair policy environment.
Unveiling immense possibilities the country’s growing economy offers to the world, Mr Modi, with UN Secretary-General Ban ki-Moon and US Secretary of State John Kerry sharing the dais, assured investors that the government will “hold your hands whenever needed.” “If you walk one step, we will walk two steps for you,” the prime minister said at the 7th edition of the ‘Vibrant Gujarat’ summit, a biennial show hosted by the Gujarat government since 2003, which has morphed into a must-attend event for top global companies looking to invest in Gujarat and in India. “This event is perhaps the biggest gathering on earth where a budding entrepreneur has opportunity to see President of the World Bank. We are here as a family, not only in terms of space, but because we recognise that someone’s dream is dependent on someone’s direction. All of us want the planet earth to become a better place to live not only in terms of space, but also because we recognise someone’s dream.”
“India offers you 3Ds – Democracy, Demography and Demand and this is what you are looking for. You will not find all of them (3D’s) together at any other destination of world. We have a large number of hands to work and even a larger number of dreams to be realised,” he said.

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