China hopes to make President Xi’s visit a success

It’s a competition India will welcome. With Japan unveiling a mammoth $35 billion package for infrastructural development in Asia’s third largest economy, China is also looking to raise the bar for its economic engagement with India during President Xi Jinping’s trip to Delhi later this month.

President Xi is expected to announce big-ticket investments when he comes here for his maiden visit to India around mid-September. “When President Xi visits India, you can expect a sense of camaraderie and the kind of friendship which will bring a complete change in the manner the two neighbors are engaged,” said Nirmala
Sitharaman, India’s Minister of State for Commerce and Industry September 2, after a day-long meeting with Chinese officials led by her Chinese counterpart Gao Hucheng. Sitharaman was speaking to Beijing-based Indian reporters after the India-China Joint Economic Group meeting.

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