India’s military strike power gets a missile boost

India’s military strike capability of hitting land targets from the sea has received another dose of much-needed firepower with the successful test-firing of the supersonic land-attack cruise missile from a stealth frigate in the Bay of Bengal. The land-attack variant of the BrahMos missile, a joint product of India-Russia collaborative effort, was tested in March this year with an extended range of 450-km from the earlier 290-km. And on April 21 this year, it was fired from an Indian Navy frigate INS Teg, giving it the power to precisely hit targets from the sea deep into the enemy land,
“The land-attack variant of BrahMos provides Indian warships the capability to precisely neutralize selected targets deep inland, far away from the coast, from stand-off ranges at sea,” said an Indian Navy Officer. The land version of the missile has been built keeping in mind the steep mountains and gorges which characterize the topography of the Himalayas dividing India and China and India and Pakistan.

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