Bollywood bonding: Hindi Chini filmi bhai

Call it Bollywood bonding, if you like. India and China may have some festering differences, but the magic of cinema entwines these two Asian giants.

When Chinese President Xi Jinping comes to India on his maiden visit September 17-19, the two countries are expected to sign a pact on the joint co-production of films, a pioneering initiative that seeks to bring the people of the two countries closer culturally.

“Both have huge film industries and these industries will be linked soon following the pact,” said Zhang Hongsenon, Director-General of Film Bureau of China, on September 10.

This move follows recent attempts by the film industry in both countries to tap into the rich tapestry of culture in their respective countries and market in each other’s country. In recent years Indian movies like the Aamir Khan-starrer, Three Idiots, have been a huge success in China. Dubbed versions of the movie were screened throughout the country making the language barrier a mere formality.

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