Igniting Dreams: Dr Kalam lives on in his inspirational thoughts

He was an extraordinary scientist, but more than his myriad positions and multi-faceted achievements, Dr A.P. J. Abdul Kalam was a luminous human being, radiating boundless energy and an inner radiance that illumined the lives of all around him. Humility can be sometimes fake, a show, but for Dr Kalam, sporting his floppy silvery mop nestled around his forehead, it was his second nature. Scientist extraordinaire, the father of India’s space and missile programme, India’s 11th president, his life story is truly inspirational as the boy from a non-descript village in Tamil Nadu rose to occupy not only the highest position in the world’s largest democracy by sheer self-belief and tireless hard work, but also remapped the contours of the presidency by bringing the much-needed people’s touch to a largely ceremonial institution. His achievements were many, but for countless of young people he will remain a teacher, inspiring them for reach for the skies. It was fitting that he breathed his last among students at an institute in Shillong on July 27. The man who epitomizes the power of dreaming and self-fashioning is alive and burning in all ignited minds. Here is a random selection of Dr Kalam’s inspirational thoughts.

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