‘Marriage made in heaven’: India-Israel ties turn strategic

“A marriage made in heaven, which is now being implemented on earth,” this is how Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu evocatively described India-Israel relations as the two countries elevated their relations to the level of strategic partnership and signed seven pacts in key areas, including agriculture, space and development cooperation.
The personal chemistry and camaraderie between India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Israeli host were all too visible and genuine as they rhapsodised about each other’s country, shared values and a kindred vision for a radiant future of India-Israel relations. The two leaders spoke with a sense of mission, which may have something to do with the ancient but modern city of Jerusalem, with Mr Netanyahu declaring in the tone of a prophet: It’s a partnership to seek the good and to achieve the good…This is a good day.”
It was clearly not just inspired rhetoric as the outcomes that emanated from over two hours of talks between the two leaders and their delegations were pragmatic and action-oriented, which would have transformative impact on the lives and fortunes of people in the two countries.
If Indian talent and Israeli technology are married and fused, along with fostering of deep civilizational and people-to-people bonding, this “marriage made in heaven” could bear new flowers and fruits in days to come, imparting more content and depth to the newly-forged strategic partnership.

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