Maldives 2016: At multiple cross-roads

As an unprecedented eventful year gives way to one with full of hopes, expectations and anticipation, all at once, the Maldives is at a cross-roads. Not just a single ‘T’ or ‘Y’ crossing on the highway. There is one too many roads meeting at this point in the nation’s destiny, with lanes and by-lanes, hidden from sight and otherwise. Call it options or challenges, at every turn, the Indian Ocean archipelago has one too many choices too to make, not knowing the right one to take at the moment and also for years and generations to come!
The Yameen government seems wanting to have New Delhi trust him on his ‘India First’ security policy viz China. But he does not seem to be wanting to look at the alternate IMF option of development funding, prescribed by the West for nations in Maldives’ place – as was available to Nasheed in power. This has meant that he is ready to take the political plunge more than already viz the West on the domestic political front (read: freedom for Nasheed).

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