Jerusalem-Delhi Bonding: Israel embraces the Modi Moment

JERUSLAEM/TEL AVIV: In a transformational moment for India-Israel relations, Jerusalem has launched an all-out charm-offensive to roll out the red carpet for Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the first-Indian leader to visit the Jewish nation.
In resonant gestures that will underscore the unique and special character of the expanding India-Israel relations, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will not only personally receive the Indian leader at the Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv, but will also accompany him to nearly all the events and functions connected to the prime ministerial visit.
Israel’s pivot towards India
In political and strategic circles in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, one can listen in positive vibes and buzz about PM Modi’s visit to Israel, which is hailed here as historic and transformative, indicating a “pivot towards India.” “We are very excited to welcome PM Modi. He is a good friend of Israel and the Jewish people,” said Mark Sofer, deputy director general of the Asia and Pacific division of the foreign ministry and a former ambassador to India
There will be concrete deliverables and substantive outcomes after talks between PM Modi and his Israeli counterpart Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem on July 5. Many key agreements in areas of agriculture, defence and space are expected to be signed, said informed sources.
Out of closet: De-hypenating Ties
But what will mark out Mr Modi’s visit is the formal end of ambiguity and ambivalence about India-Israel relations, which had been deliberately kept discreet due to New Delhi’s apprehensions about offending and alienating the Arab world. Read more…

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