Netanyahu scores victory in Israel polls

Benjamin Netanyahu has scored a “resounding victory” in Israel’s polls and looks set to form a right-wing coalition in Tel Aviv.
Mr Netanyahu’s Likud Party defeated Zionist Union, led by Issac Herzog.
Mr Netanyahu, the chairman of Likud Party, boasts of nine years of office in three terms, with limited political achievements. He is poised to form a new government and serve the fourth term in the Knesset, making him the longest running prime minister of the country.
Mr Netanyahu promised to form the new government quickly. “Our country’s everyday reality doesn’t give us the luxury for delay,” he said in a statement.
“The citizens of Israel rightfully expect that we will act quickly and responsibly to establish a leadership that will work for them in areas of defense, the economy and society just as we promised in this campaign — and just like we will now set ourselves towards doing,” he added.

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