India, China run by forceful leaders: Time


India and China are run by two of the world’s “forceful leaders” who are eager to put their “stamp on history”, with India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi leading from the front, says Time magazine.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been named by the magazine among the 100 most influential persons in the world, with the US President Barack Obama calling the Indian stalwart “reformer-in-chief.”

The article further underlined that the recently concluded ‘2015 Time 100 list’ gave a strong massage that Asia has now a crop of strong leaders after decades of being run by not-so-dynamic politicians. If the recent list was anything to go by, Asia would dominate the world in the coming era.
Underlining the similarities between India and China, Time said: “China and India may be two of the most dynamic countries in the world, but for years their leaders were anything but.” It added that in India, the ex-Prime Minister Manmohan Singh presided over a decade of ‘increasingly listless rule’ until 2014, while China was run by the ‘colurless and cautious’ President Hu Jintao from 2002 to 2012, though most decisions were made by the top tier of the Communist Party.
“But today, both China and India are run by forceful leaders eager to put their stamp on history,” it said.
The magazine referred to Mr Modi’s visit to the US, where he received rock-star like reception at the Madison Square Garden. It added that not many world leaders can command the audience like he did. The magazine gave credit to Mr Modi’s leadership ability, which has already helped him to carve an impressive international profile.
Time further said China is being ruled by an even more powerful leader who is determined to exert control of his country. “That’s not always a good thing. While Xi is carrying out reforms that are needed to make China’s economy more sustainable, he’s also ruthlessly cracked down on civil society and challenged the US for global leadership,” it added.