Global warming: India pushes UN to focus on pre-2020 efforts

url24Stressing on the need to curb global warming, India has pointed out the need to forge a global agreement that will address the enhanced efforts required to tackle climate changes between 2015 and 2020. New Delhi also wants the UN to look into a single-minded approach post 2020 period, and take proper action before the Paris Climate Summit in December this year.

Ahead of the Paris meeting, developing countries are under enormous pressure to draw concrete plans to tackle the increasing quantity of carbon in the climate. New Delhi has also emphasised the need to pay an equal heed to the climate change during 2015-2020 and post 2020 period, saying that without taking effective measures now, it will be difficult to control the rate of global warming in the atmosphere.

According to a senior member of the government, “We have given it in writing to the chairmen of the ad hoc working group on the Durban Platform. In 2011, when countries decided to craft a new agreement to address climate change, it was also decided to accelerate efforts to tackle global warming in the period up to 2020. But now the discussions are solely focused on the post-2020 agreement. The Durban Platform is both about the pre-2020 period and the post-2020 period.”

At the conference in Geneva in February 2015, Indian negotiators had raised concerns that the developed countries, especially the industrialized nations, are required to do much more to address the issue of growing carbon emission, and the impact of its change during the 2015-2020 period. Negotiators from 193 countries, including that of China, South Africa and other African nations, took part in the Geneva meet to emphasis on the need of tackling climate changes before 2020.

Scientist, environments and intergovernmental panels have underlined that delayed actions to control global warming will prove to be more costly and futile, and effective measures should be taken as early as possible.

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