Gaza violence: India voices concern, calls for dialogue

gaza-violenceAmid escalating violence, the death toll in Gaza has risen shapely as the Israeli air campaign entered its third day on July 10.  Israel has hit more than 750 Hamas targets in the first 48 hours of the air strikes, including 118 concealed rocket launchers, 10 Hamas command-and-control centres and 10 tunnels, injuring over 300 people. The Hamas has launched 350 missile into Israel, some of which have hit Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

Given the deteriorating situation, India has expressed deep concern about the escalation of violence and the loss of civilian lives. Syed Akbarduddin, spokesperson for India’s Ministry of External Affairs, has expressed India’s apprehensions about the use of violence by both the sides and underlined that dialogue is the only out.

“India remains firmly convinced that dialogue remains the only viable option that can effectively address the issues confronting the region and its people. We call upon both sides to resume direct talks at the earliest, in adherence to the obligations assumed by them under the peace process, for a comprehensive resolution of the Palestinian issue.”

He added that India was alarmed at the “cross-border provocation resulting from rocket attacks against targets in parts of Israel” and called upon both sides to “exercise maximum restraint and avoid taking actions that may further exacerbate the situation, and threaten the peace and security of the region”.

While the Hamas has fired a barrage of missiles into Israel, it has seen no casualties as yet. However, it has been reported that the elongating range of rockets fired from Gaza now have the capability to hit anywhere in Israel.

The death toll in Gaza due to the Israel’s airstrikes rose to around 70, including women and children.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has vowed to further intensify the attacks on Hamas and other terror organization sis Gaza.

On July 10, the spokesperson for the Israeli military said that about 20,000 reserve troops are being prepared for a possible ground operation.

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