Afghanistan won’t allow anti-India activities, says envoy

afganAmid India’s concerns about the impact of withdrawal of NATO forces in Afghanistan, Afghan Ambassador Shaida Mohammad Abdali has assured that his country will never allow its territory to be used for any anti-India activities.

“We can assure that we would never allow Afghanistan to go back to the dark era of Taliban or use of its territory for any kind of anti-India activity. India is a dear friend of Afghanistan,” Abdali in an interview. “We have paid a heavy price to make sure that Afghanistan is not a home to terrorists and anti-India elements,” Abdali added.

“We have fought against this menace and it will not return. No anti-India activity will again come back to our country. Afghanistan will not revert to it. It is a new Afghanistan. The Taliban has destroyed our institutions and we have done very hard work in last 13-14 years to rebuild our economy, our institutions,” Abdali added.

The Afghan envoy’s assurance came after reported remarks of India’s Home Minister Rajnath Singh that the withdrawal of NATO forces will not only have an impact on the region, but also on the US and other countries.

India is deeply concerned about the fragile security situation in Afghanistan and fears that it can again fall prey to terrorist elements.

India has pledged $2 billion for a host of reconstruction projects in Afghanistan, which ranges from building road and constructing large infrastructure projects.


Thirteen years after the toppling of the Taliban regime in that country, the NATO-led force has now initiated the process of reducing its role to provide support as Afghanistan’s newly-trained army and police take over the fight against Taliban.

When asked about fears concerning the ossibility of Afghanistan again falling prey to Taliban, Mr Abdali said that the perception that exists that the withdrawal of NATO forces will lead to trouble in Afghanistan doesn’t reflect the ground realities.

“The perception that exists doesn’t reflect the ground realities. The perception is totally baseless. The troops withdrawal from Afghanistan has been planned and it is based on Afghanistan’s capacity,” the envoy said

“We have signed strategic agreements with US and many other countries including India. Those partnerships are aimed at commitment to Afghanistan for at least next 10 years. Afghanistan is in safe hands, we have our own national army, police,” he stressed.

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