Asian century not possible without Buddha: Modi

Modi-BbuddhaImagine an Asian century without the luminous spiritual presence of Lord Buddha. As millions of Buddhists across nations celebrate Buddha’s birthday, India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi underlined that the 21st century won’t belong to Asia without Lord Buddha, and urged people to follow his teachings.

“It is said that the 21st century will be Asia’s century. There is no disagreement on that. Without Buddha this century cannot be Asia’s century,” he said in his Buddha Purnima greetings. India is home to around 7 million Buddhists and some of the holiest Buddhist relics and pilgrimages. Buddhism travelled from India to many South Asian, Southeast Asian countries and China.

The prime minister stressed that if the humanity wanted freedom from war, it was only possible through peace, the Marg of Buddha. It required great courage and conviction to leave everything; money, power and work towards Manav Kalyan.

He hailed the teachings of Buddha and said that it was a time to bring compassion among ourselves, and it could only be attained through the massages of Lord Buddha.” The issues that we talk about today in India, 2500 years back Buddha also talked about same things,” he added.

He pointed out that the Lord Buddha was sensitive about every evil issue and wanted evolution to bring changes in the society. He wanted the world to be united. “Lord Buddha has inspired us from his mantra “atta deepo bhava” (be your own light),” Mr Modi said.

The prime minister observed silence for one minute during the event in the memory of Nepal earthquake victims. “This is the need of the time to collect the energies of Lord Buddha to save the world from the crisis and problems.”

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