Innovative India: A hub for wearable technology

Vibrating shoes that guide you to your destination, a ring that enables your fingers control over most gadgets, and a coin-sized electronic device that can help you track your valuables. Indian startups, engaged in innovative wearable technologies, are creating a buzz as they build India’s reputation as a hub for innovative consumer electronic inventions.

Ducere Technologies Pvt., an Indian startup, has designed Bluetooth-enabled footwear — aptly named Lechal shoes — which vibrate to let the user know where and when to turn to reach a pre-set destination.

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WTO deal: India places developed world in a spot

India has shown the industrialised countries they can longer have their way in multilateral trade negotiations at the expense of the developing world. The WTO General Council meeting that concluded in Geneva on July 31 failed to approve the protocol of amendment proposed by the 9th ministerial conference in Bali for enshrining the Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA) into the WTO Marrakesh Agreement.

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