PM Modi pitches for energy security, asks rich to give up LPG subsidy

download (1)India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi has underlined the imperative need to ensure the country’s energy security and sought new ways to restore existing sources in order to serve the growing energy appetite of the people.

Inaugurating the “Urja Sangam – 2015″ conference on energy security at the Vigyan Bhavan Exposition Complex in New Delhi, the prime minister said: “We need to be independent when it comes to providing our people with energy.”

Rich should give up LPG subsidy
He also exhorted the people, who are not using their LPG subsidy or who can manage without it should give it up. “It will benefit poor people in a long way; those who want to but can’t.  He said, “I ask you to join this movement. Give up gas subsidy. Create record.”

According to Mr Modi, people are already surrendering their LPG subsidy. More than 280,000 users have so far already given it back, and that has resulted in a saving of Rs. 100 crore (around $16 million)  to the exchequer. The government plans to provide piped cooking gas to all to at least 1000000 households in next four years, which currently has about 270000 households.