PM Modi launches DD Kisan outreach to farmers

With enhanced agricultural productivity on mind, India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi has inaugurated DD Kisan, a new 24×7 TV channel launched by the state broadcaster, which is exclusively focused on farmers’ interests and need to get adequate information about the best agricultural practices.

Speaking at the launch of DD Kisan, the prime minister underscored that the country can’t grow if the villages don’t grow. And for villages to grow, it was imperative for agriculture to grow, he said.

The government’s goal is to inform farmers about changes in weathers and global markets to ensure farmers have up-to-date information about the current trend in the agricultural sector, and they can plan accordingly. The other important aspect of this channel is to highlight the efforts of progressive farmers, have agricultural experts, and share their innovations and their advice to be replicated across the country.

Despite its economy dominated by agriculture, India heavily depends on imports to meet its requirements of pulses and edible oil.

Considering how vast India’s agriculture sector is, this new initiative will create enthusiasm and awareness among Indian farmers who often lack agricultural related information, and who depend heavily on their experience.

The prime minister also proposed to dub the best programmes played on this channel and run them in various regional languages to cater to farmers across the country.

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