The Seduction of Delhi

nehru-parkNehru Park

Flames of crimson,

blue moon in full bloom,

birds transmuting into humans,

rocks permeated with love.

Nehru in dialogue with Lenin

and the universe.

Seduction of Delhi-CoverDelhi Auto Rickshaw

Green on yellow

triangle on wheels

criss-crossing Delhi

as a kite

soaring against the wind

carrying the city

on my wings.


A stony grandeur


with prayers

of the past.

A Muezzin’s call

echoing in my cells.


Alai Minar


Unfinished emblem

of human ambition.

Unquenched thirst

of an earnest emperor.

I could not become

the Qutub’s rival.


khan-marketKhan Market

I am a pageant


of power and beauty


my pavements


filled with beasts,


their intense gawks––

razor sharp,



My emporiums––


with foreign chattels.

My edifices



into boutiques.

Abhayk(These poems have been excerpted from The Seduction of Delhi, a new anthology of poems by diplomat and poet Abhay K)

Author Profile

Abhay K
Abhay K
Cdr. Abhay Singh is a Research Fellow at the Military Affairs Centre in the Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses, New Delhi. He is an Indian Navy veteran with extensive command and staff experience spanning 27 years. A surface warfare officer with a specialisation in Missile and Gunnery Warfare, he has commanded various naval platforms which include frontline frigate, submarine rescue & deep diving vessel, and fleet auxiliary. He has also served as Director (Military Affairs) in the Disarmament and International Security Division of the Ministry of External Affairs.

Cdr. Singh is an alumnus of the Naval Academy, Defence Services Staff Course and Naval War College. He has an MSc (Defence and Strategic Studies) from the University of Chennai and an MPhil from Mumbai University.

His publications include: “Maritime Exclusion Zone: Legal Perspectives and Strategic Option,” Maritime Affairs, Vol. 4, No. 1 (Summer 2008), 79–111; “Cross LOC Strike and India’s Reputation for Resolve”, IDSA Comment, October 21, 2016; “The Admiralty (Jurisdiction and Settlement of Maritime Claims) Bill 2016 – The Long Journey of an Important Maritime Legislation”, IDSA Comment, October 03, 2016.