The Nowhere Man II: The Unnameable, Say what you want to say, Truth or Mime


The Unnameable

The sea sings a sad song,

Waves whisper intimacies

Abyss is the Beloved.

He desires no belonging,

Only a deep-down sadness

parted lips, the unspoken.

The equipoise of the song.

I think the sea is a wine-dark goddess,

That makes me neither tipsy, nor sad

But just let me be, a quiet rejoicing.

Her primordial breasts resonate with

Incantations of the unknown.

I think the sea is a wine-dark goddess,

I will not name her.

Sing your sad song, lover.


nowhere-manpoetSay all you want to say

Trying to say

What I have been meaning to say

Doesn’t come easy;

Befuddled, dreamy and queasy;

I fumble and stutter in vain

Forage my swollen vocabulary

For that one inviolate word

That will deliver me forever

From that inescapable feeling of

being elsewhere and nowhere.

Ravished by words, I escape to her nunnery

For some fresh strawberry.


Nothing to say

no original metaphor,

not a sparkling turn of phrase

stolen unwittingly from the great masters.

nowhere-mandanceOnly husky-voiced bimbos

Singing their emptiness

in that somewhere place

where the dance and the dancer are never one.

Concupiscence conspires

To rob me of speech

Leaves me stranded, on a denuded beach.

Haven’t you heard all this before?

Madam Language playing the whore

Making you yearn for more and more

That slutty wordiness!

Good Lord, Logos, make my words virgin again.

Trying to say

What you have been meaning to say

Is never easy.

Save up your precious words,

or go bust, and ineradicably crazy.


nowhereman-meditateTruth or Mime





Now, never

Here is everywhere and nowhere.

This place called Time

Has neither reason nor rhyme

Truth or mime;

Everywhere is nowhere

And nowhere is everywhere.

The tortoise is the hare

What is fully clothed is also bare.

“Fair is foul and foul is fair”

The dance of the horse and the mare.

nowhere-manwings1Do not be afraid of being a voyant or a voyeur

Stand apart, and stare

at all that heavenly flesh

And stare eternity in its face.

Life is no Formula I race

“When me they fly, I am the wings.

I am the song the Brahman sings.”

Pleasure or pain, you must go on,

If you can’t let go, go insane

Not vain, but enchantingly inane.

Says the Nowhere Man:

What you have is what you do not have

stop playing mind games; if you care, dare.




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Manish Chand
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