Across the broad streets the buildings

Shape shadows and human whimpers


Clutter the sideways.  We nurture emotions

Like unwanted money plants sprouting


Patchy colours on corroded window hinges.

Always the city tosses sleepless on its own over


A bed of dead neon lights. A train

Shivers in its rush to deliver lonely


Passengers to deserted stops. Darkness

Shimmers with overhead stars and loses


Eyesight.  this is my city. My homecoming

Coos with pigeons on the acute ledges


And the city overacts in wordless

Gurgling of lost noises and unwritten


Autobiographies, before yawning again.



Hide the bite marks,

Darkness has only turned

Sides.  here shadows grow

Barbed hunger inside the

Waiting beast, snoring violence.


This untamed animal of colourless

Cruelty has barged into

Many silent pictures.  It has

drawn macabre graffiti in human

Blood splattered in failures.  It was

also printed bloody tattoos of

disorder in silent curses

and unsung death,

on our dreamless chests.


We have forever manuscripted

Sacred texts, we have composed

anthems and drawn new maps.  Yet

this eyeless gape has

scurried past the ceasefires of

love and humanity,

with claws of incessant ruin,

damning men and machines.


Hide the wounds,

Now the night roars, for

How long who knows. The

Darkness has only turned




Our mangled sighs will furl atop

Such distances yet not adorned by the


Bleeding stones, the road left sometime

Back as hungry bookmarks forgotten


In an unread manuscript.  You said, who

Read monuments of breaking hearts now a days


And a lonely bird cried whole night

With chillingly dark memory strings.


Nobody could sleep. How could

Measured dreams that climb without love


Resist the temptation of dying without

Even knowing? And you easily survive


All these. Distance has its own excavation

inside the journey of  lovenessness.


The museum of pebbled sighs is now no more

Free, charges entry fee in quorum of


Lost relations.  You said, who reads

The history of unused emotions spent freely


Nowadays. distances applauded.

(Amarendra Khatua is India’s ambassador to Argentina. Known in diplomatic circles for his negotiating skills, Dr Khatua is a prolific poet who writes with the same finesse in Oriya and English).



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