Zen and the maestro: Unravelling Satish Gupta’s meditative art

Zen and the maestro: Unravelling Satish Gupta’s meditative art

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When he’s neck deep in work, Satish Gupta loathes being interrupted. That breaks the chain of his thought. But worse than that, it disrupts his meditation. Work to this much-revered artist is meditation and the process of creating art a sacred vocation.

There is plurality within South-South cooperation

Sachin Chaturvedi

In this wide-ranging conversation with Manish Chand, Editor-in-Chief, India Writes Network, Prof. Sachin Chaturvedi, Director General of RIS, a preeminent think tank for developing countries, speaks about varied strands of the evolving South-South cooperation.

North will try to divide South, South must maintain solidarity: Thomas Pogge

Thomas Pogge

The burgeoning South-South cooperation has a great potential to recast global governance landscape.

There is a Southern Way of developmental cooperation: Shyam Saran

shyam saran

Amid the growing salience of South-South cooperation in the evolving world order, RIS, a New Delhi-based think tank, is hosting an international conference (March 10-11) to map the way forward for developmental cooperation among southern countries.

Sam Pitroda’s India: Lifting 500 million out of poverty should be top priority

Sam Pitroda

Telecom visionary, innovator and entrepreneur. Sam Pitroda, widely considered the father of India’s telecom revolution, wears many hats. India’s telecom revolution began with an organisation called Centre for Development of Telematics (C Dot) established in 1984. He has been deeply involved with India’s several telecom and digital policy initiatives.

India’s ties with ASEAN set to scale new frontiers: Rajiv Bhatia


India’s Act East policy will be in focus during the visit of Vice-President Hamid Ansari to Thailand and Brunei (February 1-5). The visit is expected to deepen and diversify India’s economic and strategic ties with the two ASEAN countries.

India hoping for consensus on constitution in Nepal ahead of Oli visit: S.D. Muni


India-Nepal relations have been in a churn since the Madhesis began an agitation nearly five months ago, demanding an inclusive constitution that accommodates their interests⋅⋅⋅

World wants India to play a bigger extrovert global role: John Chipman


The proactive and out-of-the-box foreign policy pursued by the Modi government has put the global spotlight on India’s growing role in the international arena and⋅⋅⋅

Global guidelines needed for security & freedom of thinkers, writers: K.S. Bhagwan

KS Bhagwan

In this interview with India Writes Network, Bhagwan speaks about increasing intimidation and threats faced by writers, thinkers and scholars not just in India, but also across the world. Against this backdrop, he argued for the need for the UN to create a set of global guidelines to protect intellectuals, writers and thinkers who are targeted by fanatics of all stripes.

Rock star-like welcome for Modi in Canada: Envoy Nadir Patel


Home to one of the world’s largest populations of overseas Indians, 1.2 million strong Indian diaspora in Canada keep their adopted country humming with their energy, enterprise and ideas. In fact, India and Indians are omnipresent in this North American country. And they are with you right from the time you leave the airport and take a taxi driven by a Sikh chauffeur, visit bustling markets, or have an appointment with one of the business chambers. The Indian community is now moving up the ladder in parliament and the government. There are eight Indo-Canadian MPs in the House of Commons and one in the Senate. Two PIO MPs are Ministers of State in the Federal Government and one PIO MP is Parliamentary Secretary to the Foreign Minister.
India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi is set to connect with this vibrant Indian community at Toronto’s Ricoh Coliseum on April 16. It promises to be a blockbuster spectacle as Mr Modi does an encore of his famous Madison Square address in New York in September last year.
In this wide-ranging conversation with Manish Chand, Editor-in-Chief, India Writes Network (www.iniawrites.org), Canada’s High commissioner to India Nadir Patel, the first Canadian envoy of Indian origin posted in New Delhi, outlines multifarious role of the Indian diaspora in Canada and predicts that Modi can expect a rock star welcome in Canada. The envoy also raises the bar for the dynamic India-Canada relations and speaks about the future trajectory of this win-win relationship.